Tips for caring for your dental health

Without proper care of your teeth, you have a much higher chance of developing periodontal disease - also known as gum disease. Read our tips to find out how you can properly care for your teeth.

Our top tips

Brush your teeth with proper technique at least twice a day. The ideal four times (rising, after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner).

Brush the tongue and the inside of the cheeks (cheeks). The tongue is a muscle that holds the remains of food and need bathing.

Use regular floss at least twice a week and other days on request. Remember that the walls need cleaning between teeth and no toothbrush reaches that area.

Use the-counter mouthwash (preferably alcohol free) twice daily after brushing and flossing.

Supplements to dental hygiene as soft picks and interdental brushes are excellent elements to complement the dental hygiene coupled with something important and essential as regular visit your dentist every six months, at least once a year.

The importance of daily dental hygiene

One of the highlights of our daily hygiene is brushing teeth. Experts indicate that it is necessary that all people brush their teeth before and after sleep and meals. In this way we will have white teeth, healthy, and we forget other drawbacks.

Oddly enough, oral health is as important as any other kind of daily hygiene. If you do not brush our teeth every day will pay the consequences on the physical level, both within and outside the mouth. The most common problems are stains on the teeth, sensitive gums, cavities, plaque and tartar, but they are not alone.

When we brush our teeth daily can suffer other serious drawbacks, such as back pain and head strong. It should also be noted that dental hygiene is essential in pregnant women, because those who do not brush their teeth have a chance to star in a premature birth.