‘Sally has been a profoundly positive influence in my personal and work life now for some years. Having recently gone through some very challenging life changes, I called upon her services again to help me find resourceful ways through. She is an exceptional coach, who combines perfectly a balance of support and challenge to help achieve your intentions. The breakthroughs and clarity that I have gained have been superb.’
Will Thomas. MD, Coach, and Author. www.visionforlearning.co.uk

‘…thank you for the excellent coaching I have received from you, more than coaching really. Your work in the world is vital, and I feel blessed to have had such an auspicious time of healing with you.’
Pam Noble. North Carolina. USA.

‘How much my life has changed positively since I started coaching, especially work/life balance. I appreciate: The structure and routine that the coaching process provides; becoming aware of the phrase “pointless busy work”; knowing there’s someone neutral I can share my internal world with; the freedom I experience when I sense you have no fixed agenda; the quality listening I receive; sharp, targeted questions and reminders that decisions don’t need to be hurried or dramatic; to know I’m in a process and that I have organised backup support.

I suspect I’m risking more personal evolution (especially the uncomfortable parts) with the background coaching vibe and it’s good to have my journey witnessed by someone else. Knowing a call is coming up encourages me to refocus on my process, take stock and follow through on my actions. This encourages my accountability to myself.

I’m grateful for the facility to email you between calls, being able to contact you to check in and be seen. I find it supportive to have someone take an interest in, and reply to, my musings. I experience your responses have a lightness & clarity to them with no judgements and find this so encouraging.’
C.H. – Ireland

“I’ve been working with Sally to try and construct a life for myself that is simpler and more reflective. Fewer shoulds and more authenticity, less doing and more being. At the beginning of this year, I started working part-time and gave myself permission to begin working on visual arts and writing projects. I’ve realised more about what my values in life really are and how I can live more freely within them. I’ve taken many practical steps to craft my life in line with what’s really important to me and paid less attention to what people might think. I feel much happier, more grounded. I don’t think I could have done this without the encouragement, patience, support and accountability provided by my coach. So, this is a big thank you to Sally for a fantastic year’s collaboration and a recommendation to any of you who might be thinking about coaching options.”
Tess – www.anchormast.com,www.pilgrimsmoon.com

“Getting my coaching from you has been a fundamental catalyst to my life being elevated to a new level of energy and focus. Your non-directive coaching style has encouraged me to think through issues and ideas in ways that have ironically “forced” me to reach deep inside myself for answers that ultimately truly serve me in reaching my full potential.

Through our coaching work together, my determination in holding myself to account for becoming all that I can be has never been higher, and knowing that I have an imminent coaching call coming up has supported me in maintaining my focus and keeping me on task at such consistent levels that I never before experienced in myself. And the really exciting thing is that I believe that I’ve only just scratched the surface of my own potential. It is because of this that I requested increasing the coaching frequency from three calls per month to a weekly call. I am greedy and (I think appropriately) impatient in discovering who I am at core and what I am capable of. I’m buzzed! Thanks Sally”
Simon Allard. Life Coach, Trainer and Entrepreneur.

“After our sessions I would feel a little brighter, a little clearer, a bit less anxious and filled with a purpose. Then every few weeks there would be a revelation, a small leap of recognition or understanding about myself, a knowledge or truth that I knew was so. You have helped me stop tormenting myself about the past, freed me from seeking approval from those who will never give it, and have a more peaceful and understanding relationship with my children and husband. Even with all this I am not perfect, but I will allow myself to be truer to myself and find my strength again. When I start slipping or being pushed into old habits I catch myself and remember your wise words. Thankyou for listening and supporting me.”
Judy Ong. www.rationthefuture.blogspot.co.uk

“Working with Sally as my coach has helped me to reach an insight on areas in my life that I would not have explored alone.  Sally has a gentle and caring approach, and her insight has provided me with a “safe” environment within which to experience and address uncomfortable issues.  Under her guidance I have very quickly attuned to those responses and behaviours that are no longer appropriate for the person I have become.

Sally’s firm but kind prompts have pointed me in more suitable directions, enablingme to seek new answers within myself.  I have found Sally’s support invaluable.  Whilst I may always have known where I wanted to go, it was Sally who knew how to get me there quickly.  By nurturing and encouraging my progress, Sally has ensured my continued growth, for which I thank her.”
Sam – Manager. Complementary Therapy Centre.

“Initially I have to say that the idea of having someone coach me was rather alien as a concept. I thought I had life sussed out and although I wanted help I was reluctant to seek it. I thought I was a confident career minded person and when ill health struck and my whole life collapsed around me I knew I wanted some help and yet resisted every step of the way. I should not have.

My first contact with Sally was very reassuring, we talked about coaching and she asked me some very interesting questions. I backed out of coaching at that time because I was too worried about the financial commitment bearing in mind that I was unlikely to earn anything. Sally’s question kept coming back to the fore and so I finally made the decision to give coaching with Sally a go. Sally was open and honest and I felt reflected some of the values that were dear to me. I must have been the most reluctant person to start with. I flitted all over the place, and still do on occasions but Sally very carefully and tactfully steered me back on course. I came to realise that what I perceived as a misfortune, being ill and losing my job was actually a gift. With Sally’s help I have explored the values that matter most to me and found the courage to say exactly who I am and consider how I can move forward in an authentic way.

Initially I was exhausted, reluctant and unsure as to how the weekly phone calls would help me move forward but Sally has a talent for guiding people like me who are up the creek without a paddle, or  oarless boats towards sunrise and away from hurricanes. Eventually it seemed OK to just drift and then with Sally’s help am finding a way forward. Life has become a work in progress.

I became calmer, less anxious and focussed on what I really wanted the future to be. Sally’s invaluable, calm, honest and open feedback have opened the way to a clearer path.

Today, I am a much happier person and still cannot logically understand how that can be bearing in mind that what I thought of as a perfect life had collapsed around me. It did because I was not authentic and constantly fighting against the flow. Sally helped me realise this, was non judgemental and extremely gifted at finding the picture to reach an understanding.

If you are at all anxious, reluctant or even angry about the prospect of taking up coaching, I want to tell you, don’t be……the most difficult thing to do is to make an investment in yourself and  take a leap of faith….just do that , always reassuring to have someone with you who knows how to open the parachute…….that is how I see my experience of coaching with Sally, she knows how to open the parachute and has time to point out the fantastic views ahead while I concentrated on possible ravines.

Coaching with Sally is the best gift you can give yourself!”
Anne, Somerset.

“You were a weekly tonic, it was so good to spend just 45 minutes a week reflecting and planning. The results were amazing. 
I am about to finish work for the summer and start my ideal job in September, working the hours that I want in the place that I want. My university modules are finished and passed and I am ready to work on my final essay. I feel on top of most things and can live with the things I’m not on top of! I feel happier, calmer and more confident and I really think that you helped me to be where I am. ”

“Working with Sally has brought lots of healing to our relationship. Having a third party there, trusted by both of us, takes the heat out of issues we may have really struggled to talk about before. We have learned practical strategies to address the areas in our relationship that felt most stuck. We’ve been able to listen and really hear the other’s point of view without feeling threatened. I would heartily recommend Sally as a compassionate, intuitive and skilled coach – a great balance between reminding me of things I already know and gently dropping in new ideas when mine have dried up. The balance of individual and coupled support allows us to both feel heard and respected as individuals, whilst keeping the fluency of the relationship as a shared focus. I have felt very confident in the different ways Sally has worked with us both. I think that to see her flexibility in how she has worked with us as individuals is to watch the work of a very gifted teacher 
AC – (Couples Coaching)

“Since we’ve started the work together we’ve found Sally to be non-judgmental, very supportive and very flexible. She has a very sensitive approach and is able to reflect dispassionately – we’ve explored complex issues with her allowing us to see them in a different light. Sally has a very basic sanity making her an excellent sounding board. She has helped me become more autonomous in our relationship and has supported both of us in a very difficult time, helping us equip ourselves with new strategies to address life’s challenges. .
JC – (Couples Coaching)

“Sally has a wonderful ability to ‘see the wood’ when others would be ‘lost in the trees’. She never fails to be both insightful and objective and brings clarity to the most apparently complex situations. It is less that she has all the answers but rather that she provides a space in which answers arise naturally. Above all else her integrity shines through and time and again I have felt the ‘rightness’ of the direction I have taken after talking things through with her….”
Clare. Home educator and children’s author.