Latest Advancements in Dental Care Science

Latest Advancements in Dental Care Science

Cutting Edge Dental Implant Technology

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root used to support and restore one teeth or a group of teeth that need to be replaced. There are many kinds of root implants done and the technologies have changed since the time they were first created, however, the all function in more or less the same manner and their function is to create a base for the new false teeth.

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Who Should You Choose?

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How Are Implants Made?

Implants are normally made of titanium and they are screwed to the tooth root. However, the procedure involved changes in regards to the number of teeth that the implant needs to accommodate.

A dental implant can be performed under general anaesthesia or with local sedations as well, however this is only performed by a dentist or oral surgeons. There is some legal training that a dentist needs to complete to be able to perform an implant and these rules change from country to country.

It is extremely important to understand this before you go in for a dental implant, as this is a complicated procedure that involves training and precision from the part of the surgeon. Some countries do not allow dentist to do such kinds of surgeries unless they have undergone special training. Find out more.

Proper Treatment Planning

It is also very important to have the proper planning done before the implants are created especially if they are being created for the purpose of dentures. The bone structure needs to be taken into consideration and it is also important to consider the proper orientation of the implant to make sure that the teeth are going to be sitting in the proper angle.

The necessity of having a CT scan to determine all these factors is very important and your dentist will have to take care of all the details in a very professional manner to make sure that there are no errors.