20 Ways to Build a Better Home Gym: Equipment You Need

Gym Equipment

It isn’t essential to be a member of an expensive gym to revolutionise your fitness regime. If you have a spare room in your house, you don’t even have to leave your house to work out. With our list of fitness equipment you can get in great shape at home.

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Hire your own rowing machine

Rowing machines are great for weight loss, building muscles, toning and increasing stamina. This machine works out various major muscle groups to help you develop both your upper and lower body.

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Rowing machines are great for providing effective aerobic exercises, which can contribute to your overall health. This machine is one of the best ways of raising your heart rate and increasing your oxygen intake.

We suggest the Concept 2 Rowing Machine as it is considered one of the best in the world for optimised indoor training. The Concept 2 has a performance monitor, adjustable positions and an ergonomically designed handle, giving you optimal comfort.

There are various companies that allow you to hire this machine for just £104 over a 16 week period. Delivery charge included.

Hire Concept 2 Rower UK | Concept 2 Hire Ireland

Hire the Concept 2 rowing machine

Foam tiles, the UK’s favourite gym floors

Whilst working out at your home gym, it is important to protect the floors, but even more your joints. Invest in some non-toxic foam tiles. Whether you’re throwing weights around or HIIT training, these tiles will provide a safe surface for all workouts. Click here to see other flooring options.

Indoor cycling for increased happiness

Indoor cycling on a stationary bike provides many benefits, including the fact that you can enjoy this exercise throughout any weather.

Indoor cycling is a low impact activity, which is great for people who are recovering from orthopaedic injuries. Another benefit of indoor cycling is the ability to reduce stress levels. 20 minutes on the bike can release adrenaline and endorphins.  View more benefits here.