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Winter Glow: Revive your skin

The summer period is over and winter has begun and we are all well and truly feeling the effects of being cold. During the winter time, it is known that we lose focus on skincare and diet, all of which can be detrimental for your skin.

There are lots of ways to give your skin an instant boost but if we understand what we can do to help our complexions, then we can start to make positive changes to improve the overall appearance of the skin long term. See more information.

Are you getting enough?

We all know it, hardly any of us do it but it is true that drinking enough water will help improve the condition of your skin. By keeping yourself properly hydrated you are supplying the skin cells with enough water to repair and regenerate.

Top Tip: Check if you’re getting enough water by gently pinching the skin on your forehead with your thumb and first finger. If you see an orange peel or dimple effect, then this is a sign that your skin is dehydrated and you need to try and drink more water. Check this information out.

Treat yourself to a new smile!

Visit a highly skilled cosmetic dentist who can work magic with your smile! Celebrities love veneers and for good reason: they are painless, you get a perfect smile and the results are instant! Find out more about veneers.

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And relax…

Massaging the face, neck and décolletage can really benefit your skin. Through massage you are increasing the circulation to your face and this means improving the blood flow to your skin.

It is this all important blood flow that brings the oxygen and vitamins your skins needs to function healthily.  By massaging regularly, you will improve the condition, tone and appearance of your skin. Click here for expert massages.

Top Tip: Take the time to massage your cream around the face in a circular motion, use gentle pressure. Try to massage down towards the neck area so that you smooth out the skin as you go.

Permanent makeup can enhance your lip shape

To revive your facial features, there is no better way than having permanent makeup treatment done. Semi permanent lip liner will make your lips appear bigger, fuller and have a better shape. With this treatment, you also have the option of going bold and choosing an intense shade, giving you the appearance of permanent lipstick. Find out more.

Benefit yourself for the future

These will benefit in many ways and will help you to better yourself. It is always good to analyse how you treat yourself as you want to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle now and be able to maintain it in the future.

We work hard in the present to be able to have great benefits in the future. When we think about the future it is something we don’t know much about but What would you do if you had the opportunity to know?

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