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Our team at Healthcare Science looks at people in their wider settings, as whole people, understanding that good health is not just related to clinical matters but that it is effected by many complex factors, such as social, economic, community issues, beliefs, family circumstances, and employment.

Because of the desire to support people in a more holistic way, our model of Healthcare Science involves working with other organisations as partners in the community.

These community partners are organisations who already have experience and expertise in the communities that we will be serving, and who seek to provide a wide range of activities that support the whole person – from parenting classes or employment advice, to skills training, money management, youth clubs and other activities.

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We’re extremely pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the care of our patients, and through them, to support the wider communities where they live. As such, we seek to become a service which is fully integrated into our local community.

Our current list of community partners is not exhaustive, and we will continually seek to build formal partnerships with many organisations over time.